The ultimate, pioneering leveraged yield farming protocol on zkSync Era.

Maximize Your Profit and Shout 'Viva Leverage', That's All We Want!

What is Leveraged Yield Farming?

Key Participants

[1] Lender

Lenders supply asset for farmers to borrow it, which ables lenders to earn stable profit.

[2] Farmer

Farmers borrow asset from lending pools in order to ramp up their ordinary yield farming position.

How it works

Farmers open a leveraged yield farming position and earn potential multiple yields by borrowing assets from the lending pool. Since leveraged yield farming protocol allows undercollateralized loans (which means that chances to borrow more than the provided collateral are allowed) for farmers, they could earn additional rewards from the integrated DEX. This results in capital efficiency, since higher returns are achieved not only for farmers but for lenders too, as the lender's profit depends on the ratio of the borrowed amount to the total lending pool deposit. However, farmers should be aware of the liquidation risk — their leveraged farming position may get liquidated when the debt ratio of the farming position exceeds a certain level. This liquidation process is required to protect the lenders from losing their profit.

Our Vision

VivaLeva is a leveraged yield farming protocol deployed on zkSync Era, aiming to deliver superior returns to our users via leverage function. VivaLeva is a combined word of ‘Viva’ for ‘cheers’ and ‘Leva’, meaning ‘leverage’. Our protocol was named with the goal of allowing users to clearly experience the advantages of using leverage and efficiently managing assets. VivaLeva is also targeting to onboard tradFi users to our service by solving currently existing problems of crypto services — such as poor UI/UX, capital inefficiency, and complexity, — and overcome the existing adoption barrier due to the perception that DeFi platforms are difficult to use. This would accordingly allow more users experience the utility of leverage trading.


VivaLeva helps our users to maximize their potential returns via leverage, and realize the benefits of high-yield earning opportunities through our protocol. This benefit is enhanced by the low gas cost and fast transactions of zkSync. We expect this opportunity will be pretty attractive to experienced investors looking to maximize their returns. Less risky solutions for novice investors are also prepared in our protocol. By enhancing the user benefits realized by the leverage function as above, we’re taking a step to bridge the existing gap of dApps provided on zkSync compared to mainstream chains. All users may shout out “Viva Leverage!”, and that’s all we want.

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